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Discover our olives, vegetable creams and seafood spreads inspired by contemporary cuisine, perfect for serving alongside pre-dinner drinks. 

View our selection of traditional Albert Ménès pâtés, made from original recipes to offer you authentic flavours. 

From our Duck Rillettes to our Gascon Pâté, our recipes are made from quality ingredients, in our kitchens situated in the heart of the Landes region

Mix and match tastes and flavours with our Albert Ménès Savoury Biscuits, made with ingredients carefully selected by our chefs. 

With a range including sardines, Brisling sardines, tuna, and cod livers, our products are carefully produced at our cannery in Brittany.

Albert Ménès gives you all the best of France’s condiments and recipes, including baby corn, wild cranberries and Roman style artichoke hearts

Albert Ménès invites you to discover the enchanting flavours of our exotic condiments

A collection of sauces created by Albert Ménès, blending smoothness, flavour and originality to enhance your recipes in an instant.

Our balsamic vinegars from Modena have been selected by Albert Ménès for their quality and all have the IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication).

Discover our variety of Albert Ménès mustards, with original recipes blending smoothness and heat.

Step into the deliciously sweet world of Albert Ménès and check out our range of sweet biscuits, all made using traditional methods.

For use in cooking or served alongside pre-dinner drinks, the Albert Ménès range of dried fruit and nuts offers you many possibilities.

Browse the full collection of Albert Ménès fine deli products


  • Spreads and Olives

    Our range of Albert Ménès spreads is guaranteed to get you licking your lips. From our Goat's Cheese and Beetroot spread to our Pepper Delight, their rich colour makes for a very inviting treat.

    Directly inspired from contemporary cuisine, our seafood or vegetable recipes are a delicious and easy-to-prepare option for pre-dinner nibbles.

    These little glass jars contain a variety of delicious and subtle ingredients. Our experts choose only the best and highest quality fruit and vegetables from our local producers:

    Yuzu: this citrus fruit is a favourite of top chefs and has wonderful health benefits. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, yuzu is an exciting and original product to use in cooking. Albert Ménès offers you Yuzu and Sea Bass Rillettes, a perfect pairing of the delicate texture of fish and the fresh taste of yuzu.

    Dried Tomato Cream: this delicate and creamy recipe has been made without any artificial preservatives, colours or flavouring. Organic tomatoes are carefully selected for their intense flavour and delicate flesh. They are dried, preserved in oil, made into a paste then slow cooked: this process helps to lock in all their natural flavour and aroma.

    Olives: tapenade is a match made in heaven for pre-dinner drinks and snacks. The olives are picked by hand, guaranteeing an exceptional quality. Made in Provence, this tapenade recipe is 100% natural, with no artificial colours or preservatives. A recipe packed with the flavours of the Mediterranean!

    Artichoke : as a cream or as tender artichoke hearts, this product, sourced by our experts in Italy, is the best way to liven up your amuse-bouches with an intense, full flavour.

    Our vegetarian and fish spreads can be used in endless ways. Spread onto bread, with crunchy vegetables or as a dip with our delicious crackers and savoury biscuits: it's up to you! With our indulgent, creamy flavours, Albert Ménès has pre-dinner nibbles sorted.

  • Terrines

    Discover our range of pâtés, all made in France: some recipes are made in Landes, such as our Rabbit Terrine with Wild Thyme, while others are made in the Southwest. Albert Ménès has come up with some original recipes by pairing Bergerac wine with wild boar, cognac with Country Pâté and cranberry with pheasant. Meat is carefully minced, to guarantee a firm yet creamy texture.

    Country Pâté is a staple of French cuisine. Albert Ménès has given a new twist to this classic recipe with the addition of cognac. The alcohol pairs wonderfully with the creamy texture. Only Red Label pork meat is used for this recipe. This label proves the high quality of the meat. It also means it is subject to strict production methods: the pieces of meat are prepared by hand. As a starter or served on toasted bread alongside pre-dinner drinks, our Country Pâté with Cognac will go down a treat.

    Another original recipe to try is our Duck Pâté with Figs. This pâté offers a delicious combination of sweet and savoury. This traditional pâté recipe has the IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication): the duck meat is locally sourced in the Southwest of France and is guaranteed to be of a high standard. The figs are sun-dried, a natural process that adds a great deal of flavour and soft texture when added to the duck meat.

    The House of Albert Ménès puts its own twist on traditional pâtés for even tastier recipes by adding delicious, high-quality products: cranberries, figs, or spirits such as cognac or Bergerac wine for more originality. Combinations full of traditional and surprising flavours!

  • Rillettes

    Our duck rillettes and Gascon pâté are made using high quality products. These exclusive, deluxe recipes are made in our kitchens located in the heart of the Landes region, using prime quality meats.

    As a starter or served alongside pre-dinner drinks, they are perfect for enjoying with friends and family.

    Our Gascon Pâté with Duck Foie Gras is one of Albert Ménès’ most legendary recipes. This exceptional product is a subtle blend of duck foie gras slices and pork and duck meat. Gascon pâté has Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, guaranteeing you an authentic product: its quality and reputation are dissociable from its geographical origin. This label is a mark of unparalleled perfection. As a starter accompanied by a small salad or on small pieces of toast alongside pre-dinner drinks, this decadent pâté is a delight!

    Another quality product available at Albert Ménès is our Duck Rillettes from the southwest of France. This unique appeal of these rillettes is the origin of the meat used: it is made only using PGI-labelled duck meat. This makes for a delicious and aromatic recipe. It is made using the traditional method of slow-cooking the meat then seasoning with salt and pepper. A luxury version of traditional duck rillettes.

    At Albert Ménès, our recipes are prepared in our Landes kitchens. Our chefs showcase the best regional producers have to offer and the taste of tradition by choosing only the finest quality products.

  • Savoury Biscuits

    Albert Ménès has come up with a rich variety of flavours for our original savoury biscuits range. Each recipe has its own unique appeal, from the peppery taste of our sablés to the size of our bretzels or the traditional recipe of our Lucerne Obole biscuit. Presented in elegant little boxes, these biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to pre-dinner drinks, blending simplicity and sophistication.

    Our biscuits are made with carefully selected ingredients chosen by our experts. Thanks to our wide selection, our savoury biscuits are the perfect way to add a burst of flavour to your pre-dinner nibbles.

    Our Lucerne Obole biscuits with Caraway Seeds are fine, crispy biscuits with a slightly aniseed flavour. The caraway seeds add an authentic touch to these biscuits. Taken from a traditional recipe, Lucerne Obole biscuits are perfect with a Morel mushroom or lime cream.

    Our savoury biscuit range also includes another favourite, Sablés with Ewe Cheese and Espelette Pepper. With their daring mix of ewe cheese and pepper, these biscuits are a guaranteed hit and are a great addition to your pre-dinner nibbles. Made using traditional methods in the Basque Country, these biscuits are made with 100% French ingredients. 

    Unleavened bread is the oldest type of bread in the world. Albert Ménès has worked for over 90 years with a bakery that still follows the traditional recipe for this delightful treat. These crackers are perfect for dipping in your favourite spreads. 

    Originally from Alsace, Bretzels have an authentic flavour and perfect crunch. With their salty taste, these pretzels are a universal favourite. A traditional savoury biscuit that is crunchy, indulgent and delicious!

  • Our anti-waste selection

    Fight with us against food waste  ! Enjoy a discounted price on a selection of products with a Best Before Date (BBD) between 1 and 3 months.

  • Seafood

    The Albert Ménès Seafood collection is presented in attractive tins with a cute vintage design.

    Our sardines, tuna, Brisling sardines and cod livers are all carefully produced in our sardine cannery in Brittany to give you the best possible flavour. With some of our recipes, we also enhance the flavour with the intensely fruity taste of extra virgin olive oil. 

    Albert Ménès also offers a range of vintage sardines. These boxes are an Albert Ménès exclusive, with each batch produced and numbered every year. Our sardines stand out for their excellent flavour and are carefully selected for their supreme quality. Sardines are fished in the Atlantic Ocean at the end of the season and then carefully processed: they are gutted, headed and cleaned by hand. They are then dried upright and quickly deep fried before the excess oil is removed.

    Sardine is an oily fish which is excellent for your health. High in omega-3, this quality product is an essential part of our diet. These Boneless Sardines are preserved in organic olive oil.

    The sardines are processed and canned at our sardine cannery in Brittany, which has almost 100 years of history, contributing to its talent and skill.

    Sourced in Iceland, our Albert Ménès Cod Livers are prepared using the traditional method of smoking them over beechwood. Also a rich source of omega-3, they make for a delicious started served on little pieces of toast, as hors d’oeuvres or with a green bean salad.

    Albacore tuna, also called white tuna because of its light pink colour, is renowned for its quality. The supreme quality and flavour of this fish make it an exceptional product. It can be consumed cold in a salad or hot in a quiche, in brick pastries or with a sauce.

    Another vintage fish offered by Albert Ménès is our Brisling Sardines Smoked over Beechwood. They are prepared and then canned by hand. A product with a unique flavour that can be enjoyed alongside pre-dinner drinks on a slice of rustic bread. They can be enjoyed all year round as a pre-dinner snack or added to dishes.

  • Vegetable Condiments

    With our wide range of small vegetable preserves, Albert Ménès is constantly coming up with new and exotic condiments and recipes for you to try. Wild cranberries, whole chestnuts, and baby corn are just a few examples of the delicious, quality fruit and vegetables we offer. Our products stand out for their rich flavour and are elegantly preserved in our glass jars.

    When it comes to choosing our range of vegetable preserves, quality of flavour is our top priority. 


    Albert Ménès offers a variety of capers ranging from 5 to 7mm in diameter. Their supreme quality has earned them the “non-pareil” label. The larger types of capers are categorised as “surfine” and “capucine” capers. These are considered to be the best and have an incredible aroma.

    Dried Tomatoes: hand-picked by our experts for their flesh and aroma. Grown in Italy, these tomatoes are preserved in oil, basil and oregano. A subtle blend that will work wonderfully with chickpeas and spinach in a salad or with artichoke cream in a sandwich.

    Garlic Cloves in Fine Herbs : exclusively at Albert Ménès! Our garlic cloves are processed without artificial colouring or preservatives, guaranteeing a natural and delicious product. Seasoned with thyme, oregano and tarragon, our sweet garlic will liven up your meat terrines, charcuterie boards and raclettes with its delicate flavour. 

    Roman Style Artichoke Hearts: this 100% Italian vegetable condiment is an exceptional product. Selected, prepared and bottled by hand, our artichoke hearts are an essential addition to your antipasti.  Our Roman Style Artichoke Hearts are made with a clever blend of extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli and mentuccia.   

    Our vegetables preserved in vinegar and oil can offer you a great number of cooking possibilities. At Albert Ménès, we only use our favourite recipes, accessible to everyone.

  • Exotic condiments

    Albert Ménès offers a range of exotic condiments with some exclusive recipes, from the lightly spicy with our curry paste to the very sweet with our sweet fig chutney.

    A large number of our products are sourced from organic farming, and do not contain any artificial colourings or preservatives.

    A great alternative to traditional spices, these condiments will elevate the flavour of your dishes. 

    Our condiments can be used in a great variety of ways. Our Whole Beldi Lemons are only found in Morocco and are harvested only once per year. This is a highly sought-after product of exceptional quality that will make for an amazing addition to your hot dishes, salads and soups. A touch of exoticism to sweep you away to faraway lands.

    Our Curry Paste with Ginger is a recipe exclusively found at Albert Ménès. Flavoured with ginger, it adds great depth of flavour to your recipes. It also makes for an original ingredient in a vinaigrette to add to salads, cold white meat or prawns. A great alternative to mustard for an even bigger kick of flavour.

    With a delicate taste of balsamic vinegar and caramel, black garlic transports you to Japan. This black garlic has been produced according to authentic Japanese tradition. It is said to have the fifth flavour of the four basic flavours of sweet, salty, sour and bitter. This certified organic Black Garlic Paste goes perfectly with high-quality fish. 

    Our Pickled Vegetables are made using a recipe from La Réunion. Fresh vegetables (cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, green beans) are cooked to perfection to maintain their crunchy texture. This blend of small vegetables can be added to meat dishes or used in salads.

    There is something for everyone, with very fragrant recipes such as our Preserved Lemons with Ginger, spicy flavours such as our Harissa with Smoked Provençal Chilli, or simply the perfect condiments for your sweet and savoury dishes.

  • Sauces

    Sauces are an essential fine deli product.

    At Albert Ménès, smoothness, taste and originality are the defining characteristics of our selection. Full of flavour, our foie gras sauce pairs perfectly with red meat. And if you want to enhance your fish and seafood recipes, our collection includes 2 must-try recipes: Gravlax Sauce and Rouille à la Sétoise.

    We carefully study the flavour profiles of our sauces to add the perfect subtle touch to your dishes.

    Our Gravlax Sauce is a subtle blend of mustard, honey, vinegar and dill, this recipe’s star ingredient. Its preparation is similar to that of vinaigrette or mayonnaise. Ready to eat, this Scandinavian sauce is a delicious accompaniment to gravlax salmon, smoked salmon or cooked salmon. It also tastes great as a baked potato filling.

    Your number one go-to sauce for pouring over meat or pasta is the Porcini Mushroom and Truffle Sauce. This delightful recipe is made in France and does not contain any additives. We carefully select only the most firm and fragrant black truffles. Our sauce is the perfect way to bring the best out of your dishes.

    Nantua sauce is a favourite among foodies. This sauce has been made following the traditional Nantua recipe, at its production centre in Brittany. Made with crayfish, heavy cream and unsalted butter, this sauce is delectably creamy.

    Made with 100% natural ingredients, Rouille à la Sétoise is a lightly spicy sauce that will add a delicious kick to your fish and seafood dishes. This gourmet sauce is made with a mouth-watering blend of spices — paprika, turmeric, saffron, garlic and Cayenne pepper — and tomatoes.

    The House of Albert Ménès offers an exclusive range full of carefully crafted flavours and delightfully smooth textures. We are always adding our own twist to help you add that special touch to your dishes, such as the truffle we use in our Porcini Mushroom Sauce or smoked paprika in our Barbecue Sauce.

  • Vinegars

    All Albert Ménès vinegars have the IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication), a designation testament to the tradition behind these products and their quality.

    Did you know? The vinegars of Modena are traditional products: our range has a history dating back to the 16th century! In vinaigrettes, sauces and marinades, our balsamic vinegars are perfect for delicately flavouring your recipes.

    Unlike classic vinegars, balsamic vinegar is made according to a more complex production process: it is made with grape juice. The grape must is boiled, reduced, decanted and stored in oak barrels. Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is an aromatic and flavourful products which can be used in many ways. 

    In a vinaigrette, it is a great dressing for starters; it is also frequently used in sweet/savoury dishes such as duck breast (with peaches, with honey) as well as in desserts. Paired with fruit such as strawberries or drizzled on fruit salads, it elevates the fish and adds an interesting touch of flavour. 

    Our authentic Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is a real asset and a kitchen essential.

  • Mustards

    Intense, flavourful or hot, mustard is considered to be one of the great pillars of French cuisine. Albert Ménès revisits this cooking essential with a few original recipes, all enhanced by one secret ingredient. Espelette pepper or tarragon work wonderfully when delicately paired with mustard, creating a pleasant balance of flavour, mixing heat and creaminess.

    Honey gives mustard a subtle sweetness. It is a favourite among children and mustard lovers alike. Honey Mustard works wonderfully with meat, such as pork or lamb, and fish dishes like trout fillet. 

    Albert Ménès mustards are made using ancient methods: the mustard seeds are ground very slowly in a stone grinder. This traditional method locks in the product's natural flavour. Afterwards, all the ingredients are blended to create a smooth and slightly spicy mustard. 

    The addition of Espelette pepper or tarragon leaves give this type of mustard a lovely flavour.   

    Albert Ménès uses white wine vinegar and champagne vinegar as part of the recipe: a mix of flavours which add to the mustard's aroma.

    Honey, tarragon, Espelette pepper are used to make our special Albert Ménès mustards truly stand out. This fine condiment adds a kick to your dishes without overpowering them. Our exclusive range promises surprising and astonishing new flavours. 

  • Sweet Biscuits

    Discover our range of Albert Ménès sweet biscuits, the perfect addition to your sweet snack breaks. Our food experts always work hard to provide you with quality products, produced according to traditional, sometimes century-old methods.

    From Brittany to Provence, our ingredients have been selected from our producers across the country, offering you the best of each region. The addition of apples macerated in Calvados make our Normandy cake delightfully soft and indulgent. 

    Our range of Albert Ménès biscuits includes a variety of sweet treats in different shapes and flavours. Our Pure Honey Gingerbread is pure, unadulterated pleasure. This recipe exclusively created for Albert Ménès is made using traditional processes, guaranteeing a delicious product. The unique feature of this recipe is that it uses only honey as a sweetener, which is why it is described as “pure honey”. 

    If you like candied fruit, then you’ll love our Pure Butter Cake with Candied Fruit. With more than 39% fruit (raisins, Amarena cherries, citron and candied orange peel), this soft cake deserves pride of place on your table for a delicious afternoon snack.  

    In their little vintage box, these Dark Chocolate Petit-Beurre Biscuits promise a trip down memory lane that will be sure to go down a treat. These little biscuits are made in Brittany by dedicated food experts. With this dark chocolate version, our Lorient Petit-Beurre Biscuits are perfect for sharing as an afternoon snack. 

    Our Palets Solognot biscuits are pure butter, lightly golden biscuits dotted with raisins. Originally from the centre of France, the recipe is fairly modern, only dating back to the 20th century. With raisins macerated in Caribbean rum, these biscuits are delightfully soft and perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. 

    As an afternoon snack, breakfast or dessert, all our Albert Ménès biscuits are made with no artificial colours or additives. Traditional biscuits from all over France for all kinds of sweet tooth, young and old alike!

  • Dried Fruit and Nuts

    Albert Ménès offers a large collection of dried fruit and nuts, whether you're in the mood for something sweet, like our sultanas or Agen prunes, or something salty, like our almonds with Espelette pepper or our Roman hazelnuts.

    Our selection offers a world of possibilities, whether used in cooking or served as a snack. Our Périgord walnut kernels, for example, will add a touch of crunch to an endive salad. 

    Our Albert Ménès range of dried fruit and nuts are meticulously inspected to only provide you with the best of the best: we source most of our products in France, such as our Périgord walnuts or Agen prunes.  

    Some of our products come from organic farms: no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Our Organic Almonds with Thyme and Chilli Pepper are 100% natural, blending the fruity sweetness of thyme with hot pepper. An exclusive creation for the house of Albert Ménès! 

    Nuts such as cashew nuts, pecans, and coconut are all excellent for your health. They have multiple health benefits: they are rich in minerals, iron and B vitamins, and carbohydrates in some cases. 

    Albert Ménès offers you brand new recipes, always coming up with exciting new ideas and flavours:

    Bringing you the warm flavours of Louisiana, our Cashew Nuts with Cajun Spices are great as some delicious pre-dinner nibbles. Thyme, chilli, onion and mustard are expertly blended to bring out the crunchy deliciousness of the cashew nuts.

    Our Ceylon Grated Coconut is an exotic treat to whisk you away to faraway lands. Whether in desserts, Mont Blanc, truffles, flans, or coconut macaroons, coconut is subtle way to add a sweet and unique flavour.

    Packaged in France, Albert Ménès dried fruits are one of our most popular products, full of taste and a range of flavours. They make a great addition to your dishes, pre-dinner nibbles or breakfasts! 

  • Our Autumn Selection
  • All Fine Deli Products

    Our teams at Albert Ménès have created more than 130 fine deli products over the years. For many years, Albert Ménès has been acquiring expertise in the formulation and development of increasingly tasty, indulgent and original recipes.

    To achieve this, we work hand in hand with small producers, both in France and in Europe, to preserve their irreplaceable tradition. 

    For true foodies in search of exciting new flavours, our Yuzu and Sea Bass Rillettes are a must-try. Yuzu is a citrus fruit with a unique taste. Somewhere between a lime, a white grapefruit and a mandarin, its lightly sharp flavour pairs perfectly with savoury, sweet or spicy flavours. The fresh taste of Asian yuzu mixed with sea bass rillettes makes for a perfectly-balanced and delicious mouthful. This recipe is an Albert Ménès exclusive, great for spreading generously on toast.

    Our Sablés with Ewe Cheese and Espelette Pepper are the key to delicious pre-dinner nibbles. These savoury biscuits are made in the heart of the Basque Country, using flour and 100% French pure butter. 

    In our traditional French kitchens, we created our Gingerbread with Candied Orange Peel using high quality ingredients. These ingredients are all of 100% French origin. For all gingerbread-lovers, this is a soft and delicious new take on the classic recipe. This luxury cake can be enjoyed at any time of the day, making it an essential fine deli product.     

    The incredible range of fine deli products offered by Albert Ménès allows you to discover or rediscover some surprising, new and intense flavours. At Albert Ménès we work hard to exceed your expectations by making the flavour of our products sing and by sharing our passion for fine foods.

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