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  • Gift Sets

    The house of Albert Ménès offers a large range of gift sets containing amazing treats, quality products, and local specialities.

    Take your pick from our selection offering the gastronomic and the delicious, the festive and the fun. With exceptional gift sets at affordable prices, we offer you the best of our fine deli products! 

    All our gift sets are made up of authentic local products from France and Europe. Our selection of spices and fine deli products are showcased in our beautiful Albert Ménès boxes. For extra special occasions, some of our gift sets include a bottle of wine or champagne. A moment to savour as a couple or with friends.

    With our affordable range, you can find spice sets including French, Asian or “detox” spices. If you can't go without your afternoon sweet treat, you’ll love our Winter Treats Gift Set.

    Our Albert Ménès Staples Gift Set includes a variety of exceptional products and house specialities: Lucerne Obole biscuits, French honey, Petit Chablis white wine, and much more. 

    If you’re looking to buy someone a gift, our Festive Treats or Champagne and Foie Gras Gift Sets are the perfect way to spoil that special someone. Be transported to Italy with our Italian Aperitivo Gift Set: prosecco, Gaeta olives, artichoke cream and Italian ciappa crackers, offering you the perfect blend of crunchy and smooth. 

    Whether you're looking for sweet or savoury, our Albert Ménès gift sets offer a smorgasbord of delicate and refined flavours. Mirabelle jam, Sablés with Ewe Cheese and Espelette Pepper, Breton Galettes and Salted Caramel Spread: we bring them all together in our Temptation Gift Set.

    Our gift sets and gourmet hampers are a sure way to any Epicurean's heart, with something to suit every taste. Discover new flavours, sample new cuisines, treat yourself: our teams at Albert Ménès work hard to offer you nothing but the best in our gift sets. 

  • Bundles and kits

    Albert Ménès offers you a selection of unique culinary kits which make for excellent little gifts. From mixed spices to curry paste, each set is carefully presented in a see-through bag. The crème de la crème of spices, specially picked just for you!

    Our set of three curry powders contains Green Mild Thai Curry Powder, Red Hot Curry Powder and Orange Mild Curry Powder. A colourful blend that will enhance all kinds of dishes and tickle your palate. This set of 3 fine spice products is a wonderful gift for yourself or for that special someone.

    The Golden Latte, also known “Golden Milk”, is a delightful hot drink to enjoy at breakfast time, named after its unique colour. Our kit includes our Creamy French Honey, our Turmeric Latte Spice Blend and flower petals. Honey adds a welcome sweet note to this comforting drink. The spices give the Golden Latte its spicy warmth and the flower petal blend adds an original and colourful final touch.

    Almonds with Thyme, Pepper Delight and Green Tapenade... All these treats are made with organic produce. This selection of fine deli products is included in our Organic Aperitif Nibbles Kit.

    Our Albert Ménès kits are a delicious way to add a new twist to your favourite recipes at an affordable price!

  • Gift boxes

    Discover our selection of small and large gift boxes, all in our trademark Albert Ménès colours, and create your own personalised gift.

    Our selection offers three formats - small, medium and large - to cater for all quantities and product sizes. For increased simplicity and elegance, our boxes are fitted with a magnetic lid, flattened, and delivered empty, ready to be assembled.

    All our fine deli products are prettily presented and protected in our trademark Albert Ménès cardboard boxes. Our gift boxes add a touch of elegance to birthdays, Christmas or any other special occasion.

  • All of our gifts

    Looking for the perfect gift? Albert Ménès can offer you a variety of options, with a range of sweet and savoury sets for foodies. We also offer a selection of culinary kits at affordable prices and gift boxes which can be customised to include your favourite products. 

    For an elegant moment of indulgence, treat yourself to our Chic Apéritif Gift Set. Our products are beautifully presented in our lovely box in Albert Ménès colours. You will be able to try some exceptional products such as our Scallop Rillettes. The scallops have been blended with crème fraîche and aromatic herbs for even more flavour. Spread onto little pieces of toast, our Scallop Rillettes are an exquisite treat. You will also find another exceptional product: Foie Gras with Red Long Pepper. This recipe is 100% natural: no preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours. This is an exceptional product because the livers are whole: they are processed from a single lobe. To season the recipe, Albert Ménès has opted for long red pepper for its woody and slightly chocolatey notes.

    The rillettes and foie gras are accompanied by a scrumptious little treat: our Mushroom and Truffle Delight. The blend of these two fungi harvested in Italy makes for a delicate, creamy texture. A pure moment of indulgence!

    For foodies who can't get enough of sweet-and-savoury flavours, our Sweet and Salty Temptation Gift Set includes Breton Gallettes, Mirabelle de Lorraine Jam, Yuzu and Sea Bass Rillettes, Organic Green Tapenade, Dark Chocolate Caramel Cream and Sablés with Ewe Cheese and Espelette Pepper. A mix of delicate, mouth-watering flavours.

    You can find excellence and traditional know-how throughout the entire Albert Ménès range. With something to suit all budgets and tastes, you won't be lost for ideas with our broad selection of gifts.

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