Spice and Herb Blends

All the culinary creativity of the Albert Ménès brand is expressed through these clever and easy to use spice blends. High quality ingredients, sourced from all around the world, elevate these carefully-formulated recipes.

Our range of aromatics, herbs and spices offer a wide selection of powders and aromas. We even bring you the flavours of Mexico, India and North Africa so you can create some wonderfully exotic dishes. 

Grown in Brittany, the seaweed used in our Seaweed Mix has a surprising and delicious flavour. This blend of sea lettuce, nori and dulse can add an original touch to your recipes. This seaweed mix combines the iodised flavour of seaweed and the sweetness of dried tomato.

Another one of our exclusive spice blends is our Mix for Fish; this product is the perfect seasoning for seafood such as prawns or scallops. We have created a mix combining notes of citrus notes, aniseed with the addition of fennel and the fruitiness of pink peppercorns. An exceptional spice blend that won the Grand Prix Cuisine Actuelle award in 2019.

If you love products that are full of flavour, the Albert Ménès Spicy Pepper Boost Mix will be perfect for you. This unique recipe can be used just like classic pepper to spice up your sweet and savoury dishes. With a blend of turmeric, ginger, lemon and black pepper, this ground-breaking and innovative spice blend has won several customer awards for its incredible taste.

Curry powder and ras el hanout are spice rack essentials. These spice blends are the perfect way to season your international dishes and sauces, releasing all their flavour.

Spice and Herb Blends by Albert Ménès

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Our Commitments

Processed in France

Naturally-sourced spices, processed and packaged in our French kitchens

Excellence in flavour

We favour products with no artificial colours or preservatives

Origin and quality control

Deli products, grown and produced by small producer and small to medium sized companies on a human scale


A range inspired by the world of gastronomy regularly updated with new recipes