Peppers and Paprikas

The Albert Ménès range of mild peppers and paprikas is full of variety and mouth-watering flavours. Our different spices offer original flavours such as our Oak Wood Smoked Paprika, a sweet mix with a bit of heat that will liven up your dishes. Albert Ménès also offers a range of PDO-labelled peppers such as the world-renowned Espelette pepper.

Our Espelette Pepper is a perfect example. This spice is one of the stars of the Albert Ménès collection. With its fruity flavour and mild heat, it goes great with chocolate, foie gras and grilled meat. It makes a wonderful substitute for black pepper and was specially selected by us long before receiving Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Now appreciated worldwide, this spice is a kitchen staple.

Paprika, sweet pepper, pimentón or pepper are all different names we use for paprika. Smoked paprika is made by drying out the peppers in beautiful oak wood smokehouses before being ground into a powder. This completely natural process gives it the unique flavour you can enjoy in the Albert Ménès range. Sprinkled onto grilled meats or to season potatoes or rice, Oak Wood Smoked Paprika works a treat.

The Scoville scale, also known as the Scoville organoleptic test, measures the heat of chilli peppers. This scale is measured according to capsaicin concentration (the active ingredient of the pepper).

The ASTA Pungency Unit or American Spice Trade Association is another scale used to measure chilli pepper heat. Chilli peppers with a higher score will be more intense, hotter, and of a higher quality.

After a long period of research, Albert Ménès has selected chilli peppers from well-known origins such as the Basque Country. A collection of authentic, top-quality products to fill your dishes with the best flavours!

Peppers and Paprikas by Albert Ménès

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