Jellies and Confits

Whether used in sweet or savoury dishes, Albert Ménès fruit jellies add a great original touch to your recipes.

Did you know? Our jellies are made with fresh fruits. For decades, we at Albert Ménès have done our best to bring out the fruit's natural flavours and guarantee you a moment of pure sweetness.

Our Albert Ménès jellies liven up your sweet snacks with their subtle fruity flavours. Our Apple Jelly is made using pure apple juice. Its smooth texture is great for spreading on toast at breakfast or as a snack. For the more adventurous, apple jelly goes great with cheese: when paired with ewe cheese or cow’s cheese, it offers a pleasant sweet-savoury taste.

Redcurrant is a fruit harvested from mid-June to late August. This sun-soaked red fruit offers you the taste of summer on your plate. Its sharp flavour works great on a waffle or crepe. It also makes for a delicious tart filling, adding a touch of smooth sweetness. For the chefs out there, the sharp flavour of redcurrants is a wonderful addition to savoury recipes such as duck breast. Redcurrant jellies add a burst of flavour when paired with meat.

Quince is a tart tree fruit rich is fibres and antioxidants. It is most commonly used to make jams, compotes, syrups and jellies. Our Quince Jelly is made using pure quince juice, guaranteeing you a quality product!

Albert Ménès fruit jellies are made according to a decades-old recipe. All this expertise makes for a richly coloured product using fruit carefully selected by our experts. Blueberry, quince, apple, redcurrant, these fresh fruits are a taste of childhood, perfect for your sweet treats and moments of indulgence.

Jellies and Confits by Albert Ménès

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