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Our collection of organic herbs and spices at Albert Ménès has been carefully selected from all around the world for their quality, from Indonesia to Madagascar. All are sourced from organic farms. We select herbs and spices not only for their flavourful qualities but also for their visual appeal, such as the beautiful intense colour of our sweet paprika. Sprinkled onto your plate, they are sure to awaken the senses.

Our Albert Ménès turmeric is rich in curcumin, with a content of 5%. With its wonderful colour, this spice works perfectly in peppery and aromatic spice blends;

Known for its use in treating pain, clove is a medicinal plant from Madasgascar. Albert Ménès has selected these cloves for their intense flavour and remarkable beauty. This organic spice is carefully picked then sorted by hand to keep the whole spice (flower head and body). Our clove has a high essential oil content of 15%, guaranteeing an outstanding quality and intense flavour. 

Sourced in Indonesia, our nutmeg is a spice that can be used in many recipes.  With it’s sweet, woody and warm notes, this organic spice is a very popular ingredient. We offer a “pure” ground nutmeg as an ideal way to liven up your soups, quiches and white sauces;

Of all the spices, cinnamon is one that is sure to add a great deal of flavour to your dishes. Whether using it whole as sticks or ground, the delicious flavour of this product is credit to its exceptional quality. Sorted a second time in our kitchens to separate the cinnamon sticks, this spice is both visually appealing and of an outstanding quality;

Garlic granules are made with a very common plant often used in cooking. With its intense aroma and flavour, garlic works perfectly as an ingredient in salad dressings. With its attractive white colour and guaranteed purity, this organic herb makes for a very high-quality product. 

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