Organic Jams

Fig, apricot, strawberry... All our jam recipes are made with fruit from organic farms.

Our fruit is selected for its fruity or sometimes sharp flavour, such as our raspberries, or for its sweetness, like our apricots.

Fig is an easy fruit to incorporate into sweet and savoury recipes. Thanks to all its natural goodness, the fruit is rich in minerals, fibre and antioxidants, making it an excellent health food. Albert Ménès selects figs for their juicy flesh, soft with a bit of bite. Our Organic Fig Jam is rich in flavour, perfect as an indulgent crepe filling.

If you like fruit with a slightly sharper taste, apricot jam is a great choice. It is an all-time classic jam. For example, you can enjoy our organic jam on melba toast at breakfast time, for a delightful mix of smooth and crunchy!

The house of Albert Ménès wanted to create a range of organic jams, made using fruit from organic farms. Fig, strawberry, raspberry, apricot... Our fruit is carefully selected by our experts to offer you the most traditional and lovingly-made product.

Organic Jams by Albert Ménès

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Our Commitments

Processed in France

Naturally-sourced spices, processed and packaged in our French kitchens

Excellence in flavour

We favour products with no artificial colours or preservatives

Origin and quality control

Deli products, grown and produced by small producer and small to medium sized companies on a human scale


A range inspired by the world of gastronomy regularly updated with new recipes