Discover the diverse range of Albert Ménès spices, with more than 120 products selected from around the world.

Perfectly season your dishes thanks to our spice blends, inspired by world cuisines, from India to North Africa.

Fragrant and delicious, Albert Ménès aromatic herbs are perfect for incorporating into your daily cooking.

Mixed with truffle, celery or Espelette pepper, discover our exclusive, delicious blends for a mouthful of flavour.

Our wide range of peppers selected for their taste and organoleptic qualities add a refined touch to your dishes.

From sweet paprika to the spiciest of peppers, Albert Ménès takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of hot spices.

Perfectly season your dishes with our range of organic spices and herbs.

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  • Spices

    Discover our rich and varied range of over 50 spices to jazz up your everyday recipes.

    Selected primarily for their depth of flavour, our spices are fresh, intense, aromatic and delicious. 

    Our quality spices are chosen for their unique flavours: Albert Ménès works hard to offer you a variety of spices, all of an impeccable quality with something to suit all tastes. With a high curcumin concentration of about 3%, our turmeric is a perfect example of this freshness and intense taste.

    The premium quality of Albert Ménès spices: after being very carefully selected, many of our spices are sorted a second time by hand in our French kitchens, such as our star anise, in order to retain only the most beautiful and regular shapes. Showcased in our iconic transparent jars, you can immediately enjoy the beautiful and natural colours of our spices.

    Specific origins, meticulously chosen: our spices are carefully chosen and stand out for their quality of flavour. For example, our cinnamon sticks are sourced in Indonesia. Our sumac has the Fair-Trade Lebanon label and is farmed by the Qawzah cooperative in south Lebanon. This collaboration is another example of Albert Ménès’ commitment to small producers, in the aim of preserving valuable tradition and know-how.

  • Spice and Herb Blends

    All the culinary creativity of the Albert Ménès brand is expressed through these clever and easy to use spice blends. High quality ingredients, sourced from all around the world, elevate these carefully-formulated recipes.

    Our range of aromatics, herbs and spices offer a wide selection of powders and aromas. We even bring you the flavours of Mexico, India and North Africa so you can create some wonderfully exotic dishes. 

    Grown in Brittany, the seaweed used in our Seaweed Mix has a surprising and delicious flavour. This blend of sea lettuce, nori and dulse can add an original touch to your recipes. This seaweed mix combines the iodised flavour of seaweed and the sweetness of dried tomato.

    Another one of our exclusive spice blends is our Mix for Fish; this product is the perfect seasoning for seafood such as prawns or scallops. We have created a mix combining notes of citrus notes, aniseed with the addition of fennel and the fruitiness of pink peppercorns. An exceptional spice blend that won the Grand Prix Cuisine Actuelle award in 2019.

    If you love products that are full of flavour, the Albert Ménès Spicy Pepper Boost Mix will be perfect for you. This unique recipe can be used just like classic pepper to spice up your sweet and savoury dishes. With a blend of turmeric, ginger, lemon and black pepper, this ground-breaking and innovative spice blend has won several customer awards for its incredible taste.

    Curry powder and ras el hanout are spice rack essentials. These spice blends are the perfect way to season your international dishes and sauces, releasing all their flavour.

  • Aromatic Herbs

    Albert Ménès offers you a large range of aromatic herbs; these plants are all chosen for their specific origin or variety.

    Most of our herbs are hand-picked, and we choose French or locally-sourced herbs wherever possible, such as our chervil, parsley and coriander, all of certified French origin.

    Our aromatic herbs are rich in essential oils. The majority are known for their health benefits (aromatherapy) as well as for their use in beauty and cooking. Highly aromatic, essential oils infuse your dishes with a natural touch. Our aromatic herbs in their beautiful shades of green are full of fresh flavours, fragrant and delicious.

    We are always on the lookout for labelled and certified products: Our Herbes de Provence have the Label Rouge designation; our Thyme is protected by the “Thym de Provence” designation which is recognised as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). These indicators of quality guarantee you exceptional products and powerful flavours.

    At Albert Ménès, we are particularly focused on supporting sustainable farming practices.

    Used as they are, aromatic herbs can take your recipes to the next level and give a new dimension of flavour to your dishes:

    Bay leaf: this herb, found in the Mediterranean basin, forms part of the bouquet garni used in many types of dishes. Our experts hand-pick the best and most attractive bay leaves. These whole leaves guarantee an unbeatable flavour;

    Bouquets Garnis: presented in little fabric pouches, this herb blend is produced by hand in our kitchens.

    Persaillotte: this blend made with garlic, parsley, shallots and salt is one of Albert Ménès’ most legendary products;

    Thyme: often used in cooking, it is the perfect seasoning for marinades, grilled meat and other recipes;

    Chervil: this aromatic herb is an essential ingredient in French cookery. It has been selected for its lightly aniseed taste, which pairs perfectly with fish.

  • Premium Salts

    Our Albert Ménès exceptional salts are like little jewels, available in a range of vivid colours and original flavours. We have come up with original mixes and tastefully blended recipes: Himalayan Pink Salt, truffle, celery and even Espelette pepper.

    Perfect for seasoning grilled meats, fish, vegetables or even sauces, our mineral salts can be used in many different ways. We offer exclusive and delicious salt blends to tickle your palate. 

    Himalayan Pink Salt, also called Pink Kashmir Salt or Pink Diamond Kashmir Salt is rich in mineral salts and trace elements. Used just like ordinary table salt, it adds a subtle, delicate flavour to your recipes. Both strong and crunchy in the mouth, it is a favourite among foodies. It’s characteristic pale pink colour adds an elegant and refined touch to your table. It is a great replacement for fleur de sel when seasoning roasted meat, vegetables or fish.

    Our spicy version, Pink Salt with Espelette Pepper, is a delicately flavoured blend offering a mild heat and fruity notes. This exceptional pepper has the AOP label (Protected Designation of Origin), testament to its impeccable quality. Originally from the Basque Country, it is selected and picked by our regional producers. This flavoured salt is perfect for seasoning grilled meat, vegetables or sauces.

    Celery Salt is mainly used to flavour tomato or carrot-based sauces. Sprinkle a pinch of this salt on your eggs, and Albert Ménès guarantees you a delicious flavour.

    These flavoured salts brought to you by the House of Albert Ménès are a guaranteed hit. Spice blends offering unexpected and delicious flavours that will delight your palate.

  • Peppercorns and Berries

    Nothing like peppers and berries to take your taste buds on a trip. These spices have been carefully selected for their flavour quality and taste, our number one priority at Albert Ménès.

    Our products can be distinguished by their unique aromas as well as by their native lands, from the Kampot pepper of Cambodia to the Belém pepper of Brazil.

    Albert Ménès offers two ranges when it comes to pepper: our “everyday” peppers and our “exceptional” peppers.

    When we think of the most common ingredients used in our recipes, cracked black pepper immediately comes to mind. The peppercorns are selected by hand then coarsely ground, bringing out all their natural flavours.

    Both our black peppercorns and ground black pepper are of Brazilian origin. The peppercorns are carefully picked then dried out in the sun until obtaining their final colour, black. Packing a powerful punch, with a lightly spicy yet pleasant flavour, our peppers are the perfect addition to your daily recipes.

    Part of our range of exceptional peppers our wild Voatsiperify pepper is a unique product with a surprising and highly aromatic flavour. Sourced in the forests of Madagascar, this delicious and fragrant wild pepper has a subtle mix of woody and sweet notes. This pepper is also well loved by chefs and fine connoisseurs for its citrus and exotic fruit flavours. Wild Voatsiperifery pepper makes for a perfect addition to your chocolate recipes.

    Considered to be one of the finest peppers in the world, Kampot pepper has earned the PGI label (Protected Geographical Indication). This remarkable pepper is farmed sustainably in Cambodia by small producers. At Albert Ménès, we pay homage to this rich tradition in our recipes. For example, our three peppercorn blend offers an exceptional aroma and an explosion of flavour. With its fruity and slightly menthol notes, this exceptional pepper will surprise your palate and elevate your dishes.

  • Peppers and Paprikas

    The Albert Ménès range of mild peppers and paprikas is full of variety and mouth-watering flavours. Our different spices offer original flavours such as our Oak Wood Smoked Paprika, a sweet mix with a bit of heat that will liven up your dishes. Albert Ménès also offers a range of PDO-labelled peppers such as the world-renowned Espelette pepper.

    Our Espelette Pepper is a perfect example. This spice is one of the stars of the Albert Ménès collection. With its fruity flavour and mild heat, it goes great with chocolate, foie gras and grilled meat. It makes a wonderful substitute for black pepper and was specially selected by us long before receiving Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Now appreciated worldwide, this spice is a kitchen staple.

    Paprika, sweet pepper, pimentón or pepper are all different names we use for paprika. Smoked paprika is made by drying out the peppers in beautiful oak wood smokehouses before being ground into a powder. This completely natural process gives it the unique flavour you can enjoy in the Albert Ménès range. Sprinkled onto grilled meats or to season potatoes or rice, Oak Wood Smoked Paprika works a treat.

    The Scoville scale, also known as the Scoville organoleptic test, measures the heat of chilli peppers. This scale is measured according to capsaicin concentration (the active ingredient of the pepper).

    The ASTA Pungency Unit or American Spice Trade Association is another scale used to measure chilli pepper heat. Chilli peppers with a higher score will be more intense, hotter, and of a higher quality.

    After a long period of research, Albert Ménès has selected chilli peppers from well-known origins such as the Basque Country. A collection of authentic, top-quality products to fill your dishes with the best flavours!

  • Organic Spices

    Our collection of organic herbs and spices at Albert Ménès has been carefully selected from all around the world for their quality, from Indonesia to Madagascar. All are sourced from organic farms. We select herbs and spices not only for their flavourful qualities but also for their visual appeal, such as the beautiful intense colour of our sweet paprika. Sprinkled onto your plate, they are sure to awaken the senses.

    Our Albert Ménès turmeric is rich in curcumin, with a content of 5%. With its wonderful colour, this spice works perfectly in peppery and aromatic spice blends;

    Known for its use in treating pain, clove is a medicinal plant from Madasgascar. Albert Ménès has selected these cloves for their intense flavour and remarkable beauty. This organic spice is carefully picked then sorted by hand to keep the whole spice (flower head and body). Our clove has a high essential oil content of 15%, guaranteeing an outstanding quality and intense flavour. 

    Sourced in Indonesia, our nutmeg is a spice that can be used in many recipes.  With it’s sweet, woody and warm notes, this organic spice is a very popular ingredient. We offer a “pure” ground nutmeg as an ideal way to liven up your soups, quiches and white sauces;

    Of all the spices, cinnamon is one that is sure to add a great deal of flavour to your dishes. Whether using it whole as sticks or ground, the delicious flavour of this product is credit to its exceptional quality. Sorted a second time in our kitchens to separate the cinnamon sticks, this spice is both visually appealing and of an outstanding quality;

    Garlic granules are made with a very common plant often used in cooking. With its intense aroma and flavour, garlic works perfectly as an ingredient in salad dressings. With its attractive white colour and guaranteed purity, this organic herb makes for a very high-quality product. 

  • All Spices

    Albert Ménès offers you a rich and diverse collection of exceptional spices, in the aim of providing you with the best possible quality. Our glass jars showcase the different colours of our spices, which are bottled in our French kitchens. With a little something for everyone, our spices will enhance your recipes and add a touch of flavour, elegance and intensity. 

    Our selection: from all the spices we offer, our Curry Powder, Ginger, Persaillotte and Espelette Pepper are all essential products to have in your kitchen. They will delight your guests by adding that extra boost of flavour and intensity to your recipes. We have carefully come up with some unique, tasty and clever blends. Our spices are 100% natural with no additives or artificial colours.

    Production: our spices and aromatic herbs are processed in our kitchens in France. Our passionate teams put a great deal of care and skill into offering you the best herbs and spices. Attractiveness, colour, shape and aroma are all essential criteria for guaranteeing high quality herbs and spices. Some are sorted a second time by hand (cinnamon sticks, bay leaf, nutmeg) and packaged in beautiful glass jars. The most sensitive spices are heat-treated to reduce bacterial flora as much as possible.

    Tradition: the tradition behind the products we use and their quality are essential factors in providing you with authentic spices with quality flavours. For many years, we have maintained close relationships with our producers and suppliers.

    Quality: we carry out inspections for every batch arrival. We demand constant, impeccable quality. At Albert Ménès we abide by our own strict set of specifications. Sourcing has been managed by the same expert for over 30 years.

    The House of Albert Ménès offers a wide array of premium spices offering incredible flavours and an unbeatable quality.

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