Discover our range of pâtés, all made in France: some recipes are made in Landes, such as our Rabbit Terrine with Wild Thyme, while others are made in the Southwest. Albert Ménès has come up with some original recipes by pairing Bergerac wine with wild boar, cognac with Country Pâté and cranberry with pheasant. Meat is carefully minced, to guarantee a firm yet creamy texture.

Country Pâté is a staple of French cuisine. Albert Ménès has given a new twist to this classic recipe with the addition of cognac. The alcohol pairs wonderfully with the creamy texture. Only Red Label pork meat is used for this recipe. This label proves the high quality of the meat. It also means it is subject to strict production methods: the pieces of meat are prepared by hand. As a starter or served on toasted bread alongside pre-dinner drinks, our Country Pâté with Cognac will go down a treat.

Another original recipe to try is our Duck Pâté with Figs. This pâté offers a delicious combination of sweet and savoury. This traditional pâté recipe has the IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication): the duck meat is locally sourced in the Southwest of France and is guaranteed to be of a high standard. The figs are sun-dried, a natural process that adds a great deal of flavour and soft texture when added to the duck meat.

The House of Albert Ménès puts its own twist on traditional pâtés for even tastier recipes by adding delicious, high-quality products: cranberries, figs, or spirits such as cognac or Bergerac wine for more originality. Combinations full of traditional and surprising flavours!


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