Jams and Honeys

Deliciously prepared with passion by our master jam-makers in our French kitchens.

Inspired by British recipes, our marmalades are made using traditional methods and carefully selected fruit.

Our Albert Ménès jellies, made by us for the past several decades, liven up your sweet snacks with their subtle fruity flavours

Made using fruit sourced from organic farms, our jams are certified organic.

Discover the range of Albert Ménès honeys, which are mostly of French origin and sustainably-sourced.

With indulgent and exclusive creations, discover the range of Albert Ménès spreads and creams, all made without palm oil.

Browse the full collection of Albert Ménès quality jams and honeys


  • Jams

    Give in to temptation with our jam collection. Our products are full of flavour, guaranteed to get you licking your lips. Our jams are crafted with passion by our master jam-makers in our kitchens in the South of France and the Paris region. The flavour of fresh fruit is a perfect way to liven up your sweet dishes and snacks.

    Fig is a delicious fruit with pronounced flavours. As a jam, the fig takes on a more intense sweetness. On toast at breakfast time or as a starter with foie gras, fig jam can be enjoyed however you like! Our figs are of true French origin, harvested in Solliès-Pont in the region of Provence.

    Albert Ménès has created an original recipe blending apricot and lavender. This subtle yet intense combination works wonderfully when added to quark.

    Seedless raspberry jam is one of Albert Ménès’ exclusive products. This intensely flavoured fruit is well loved for its refined taste. Its smooth, seedless texture is made to be spread generously on toast or even enjoyed by the spoonful.

    The house of Albert Ménès has come up with a mirabelle jam recipe packed with fine, indulgent flavours. The fruit is grown in the Lorraine region and have the PGI label (Protected Geographical Indication). This guarantees you a quality product with a great flavour that everyone will enjoy. Our Mirabelle de Lorraine jam is great for adding to yoghurt or quark.

    The Albert Ménès range of jams has something for every sweet tooth.

  • Marmalades

    Albert Ménès has come up with exclusive marmalade recipes to complete your breakfasts, prepared using traditional methods. Their blend of different textures, mixing fruit jelly and fruit peel, gives an extra burst of flavour to taste and to spread.

    Albert Ménès has come up with an exclusive range of marmalades, perfect with toast. Our marmalades are made using traditional methods, with carefully selected fruit. The quality of our products at the house of Albert Ménès shines through our original and flavourful recipes. The mix of textures blending jelly and fruit peel gives you an even bigger burst of flavour.

    Albert Ménès has come up with indulgent recipes using fresh, carefully harvested fruit. Our jam-makers work hard to offer you marmalades with an intense and exquisite taste: the combination of orange peel and pulp makes this Bitter Orange Marmalade a must-try from the Albert Ménès range.

    Albert Ménès is well known for its finely crafted marmalades. Our exclusive recipes and the traditional know-how of our master jam-makers guarantee you a delicious product. Orange and lemon are two fruits that go together very well. Albert Ménès has come up with a recipe that will blow you away: with thin slices of fruit peel, you can enjoy an even more intense flavour, combining bitterness and acidity.

    If you love the texture of real fruit, our Sweet Sliced Orange Marmalade is for you. The oranges are carefully prepared. After being slow-cooked, the thin slices of sweet orange are delicately placed in their transparent glass jars. A delicious concoction to savour, for a moment of pure joy. With this sliced version, the little pieces of oranges in jelly give this marmalade a very fragrant flavour. A deliciously moreish treat!

    Albert Ménès Sliced Clementine Marmelade is made with French clementines harvested at their ripest. Clementines are a fruit enjoyed by young and old alike!

  • Jellies and Confits

    Whether used in sweet or savoury dishes, Albert Ménès fruit jellies add a great original touch to your recipes.

    Did you know? Our jellies are made with fresh fruits. For decades, we at Albert Ménès have done our best to bring out the fruit's natural flavours and guarantee you a moment of pure sweetness.

    Our Albert Ménès jellies liven up your sweet snacks with their subtle fruity flavours. Our Apple Jelly is made using pure apple juice. Its smooth texture is great for spreading on toast at breakfast or as a snack. For the more adventurous, apple jelly goes great with cheese: when paired with ewe cheese or cow’s cheese, it offers a pleasant sweet-savoury taste.

    Redcurrant is a fruit harvested from mid-June to late August. This sun-soaked red fruit offers you the taste of summer on your plate. Its sharp flavour works great on a waffle or crepe. It also makes for a delicious tart filling, adding a touch of smooth sweetness. For the chefs out there, the sharp flavour of redcurrants is a wonderful addition to savoury recipes such as duck breast. Redcurrant jellies add a burst of flavour when paired with meat.

    Quince is a tart tree fruit rich is fibres and antioxidants. It is most commonly used to make jams, compotes, syrups and jellies. Our Quince Jelly is made using pure quince juice, guaranteeing you a quality product!

    Albert Ménès fruit jellies are made according to a decades-old recipe. All this expertise makes for a richly coloured product using fruit carefully selected by our experts. Blueberry, quince, apple, redcurrant, these fresh fruits are a taste of childhood, perfect for your sweet treats and moments of indulgence.

  • Organic Jams

    Fig, apricot, strawberry... All our jam recipes are made with fruit from organic farms.

    Our fruit is selected for its fruity or sometimes sharp flavour, such as our raspberries, or for its sweetness, like our apricots.

    Fig is an easy fruit to incorporate into sweet and savoury recipes. Thanks to all its natural goodness, the fruit is rich in minerals, fibre and antioxidants, making it an excellent health food. Albert Ménès selects figs for their juicy flesh, soft with a bit of bite. Our Organic Fig Jam is rich in flavour, perfect as an indulgent crepe filling.

    If you like fruit with a slightly sharper taste, apricot jam is a great choice. It is an all-time classic jam. For example, you can enjoy our organic jam on melba toast at breakfast time, for a delightful mix of smooth and crunchy!

    The house of Albert Ménès wanted to create a range of organic jams, made using fruit from organic farms. Fig, strawberry, raspberry, apricot... Our fruit is carefully selected by our experts to offer you the most traditional and lovingly-made product.

  • Honeys

    The House of Albert Ménès offers a range of honeys in a variety of textures and flavours: liquid, creamy or comb, you're sure to find something you’ll like. The origin of our products is a key criteria for Albert Ménès: we work, for example, with producers in Provence for our Lavender Honey or in Auvergne for our Mountain Honey. All our honeys are sourced from producers respecting environmentally-friendly practices

    Our Auvergne Mountain Honey is a very fragrant flower honey with a delicate flavour. It adds a touch of menthol and amber-scented notes when spread on toast, crepes or even eaten by the spoonful! It is worth noting that this honey is protected by a designation regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

    Another honey with a completely different texture is our Creamy French Honey. Albert Ménès has selected several French meadow flower varieties to create this sweet and fragrant honey. This natural product will be a favourite with honey fans with its warm colour, smooth texture and floral aroma. Our Creamy French Honey is an authentic product that stands out for its exceptional quality.

    Lavender Honey from Provence is becoming an increasingly rare product. Its clear colour, slightly milky texture and its floral taste make for an exceptional honey. Produced using traditional methods, it has a Protected Geographical Indication: it is from Provence in the southwest of France.

    For an original gift, the Golden Latte kit combines 3 Albert Ménès products. You can use it to create your own Golden Latte.

  • Spreads

    Tuck into our Albert Ménès spreads and creams, with lots of indulgent and exclusive creations to try. These products all have their own unique 100% natural flavour, made using French and European ingredients. Spread on toast, in a dessert or if you're feeling indulgent, by the spoonful, our spreads are a favourite with young and old alike!

    Our Crunchy Dark Intense Spread with Hazelnuts has a delightfully satisfying crunchy bite. The intense flavour of our specially selected Albert Ménès dark cocoa is brought out by the addition of Italian hazelnuts. Biscuit pieces add an extra touch of crunch and tastiness. This recipe is 100% natural, with no artificial colours, palm oil or GM products.

    The intense flavour and creamy texture of our Lemon Curd is perfect for making lemon tarts or as a topping for crepes, pancakes, muffins and scones. This recipe is a British speciality. Albert Ménès has made this cream using traditional methods. In terms of flavour this curd really packs a punch, made with lemon juice and little pieces of lemon zest.

    Grown in the Massif Central region, our chestnuts are carefully selected for their unique and exceptional flavour. For a sweeter and more delicate taste, our chefs have added a touch of Bourbon vanilla. This spice is sourced directly from Madagascar; it is delightful on crepes or added to quark.

    Albert Ménès works primarily with local producers who use traditional methods. We carefully look into the origins of our ingredients: our Bourbon vanilla comes from Madagascar, our chestnuts are sourced in the Massif Central region and our hazelnuts are from Italy.

  • All Jams and Honeys

    With our range of honeys and jams, Albert Ménès invites you to try our classic and exciting new recipes. Our aim is to pique your curiosity and offer your exciting new tastes and dreamy flavours with our range of fruity, tasty and indulgent products.

    Whether you opt for our traditional recipes (Quince Jelly, Thyme Honey) or our brand exclusives (Apricot Jam with Lavender, Sliced Clementine Marmalade), our fragrant recipes are guaranteed to bring a moment of pure indulgence to your table.

    Albert Ménès focuses on bringing you traditional flavours, working with French producers. For example, our figs are sourced in Provence, our chestnuts in the Massif Central region and our mirabelles from Lorraine.

    For all the sweet tooths out there, our Salted Butter Caramel Cream is a moment of pure indulgence. Made using simple but high-quality ingredients (sugar, cream and salted butter), this recipe is simply delicious. It makes for a very popular topping on crepes.

    The figs we use in our jam recipes are of an extremely high quality. Solliès-Pont figs are protected by their AOC label (controlled designation of origin). They are grown in a sunny climate, giving them their sweet yet tangy taste. Solliès figs of the black bourjassotte variety are unique: the skin is purplish black and the flesh is red. They are juicy and intense with fruity and herbaceous flavours. On melba toast, bread or waffles, fig jam from Provence is a delight!

    With our wide range of jams and honeys, you’ll be sure to find something you’ll like.

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