Intense, flavourful or hot, mustard is considered to be one of the great pillars of French cuisine. Albert Ménès revisits this cooking essential with a few original recipes, all enhanced by one secret ingredient. Espelette pepper or tarragon work wonderfully when delicately paired with mustard, creating a pleasant balance of flavour, mixing heat and creaminess.

Honey gives mustard a subtle sweetness. It is a favourite among children and mustard lovers alike. Honey Mustard works wonderfully with meat, such as pork or lamb, and fish dishes like trout fillet. 

Albert Ménès mustards are made using ancient methods: the mustard seeds are ground very slowly in a stone grinder. This traditional method locks in the product's natural flavour. Afterwards, all the ingredients are blended to create a smooth and slightly spicy mustard. 

The addition of Espelette pepper or tarragon leaves give this type of mustard a lovely flavour.   

Albert Ménès uses white wine vinegar and champagne vinegar as part of the recipe: a mix of flavours which add to the mustard's aroma.

Honey, tarragon, Espelette pepper are used to make our special Albert Ménès mustards truly stand out. This fine condiment adds a kick to your dishes without overpowering them. Our exclusive range promises surprising and astonishing new flavours. 


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