Our duck rillettes and Gascon pâté are made using high quality products. These exclusive, deluxe recipes are made in our kitchens located in the heart of the Landes region, using prime quality meats.

As a starter or served alongside pre-dinner drinks, they are perfect for enjoying with friends and family.

Our Gascon Pâté with Duck Foie Gras is one of Albert Ménès’ most legendary recipes. This exceptional product is a subtle blend of duck foie gras slices and pork and duck meat. Gascon pâté has Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, guaranteeing you an authentic product: its quality and reputation are dissociable from its geographical origin. This label is a mark of unparalleled perfection. As a starter accompanied by a small salad or on small pieces of toast alongside pre-dinner drinks, this decadent pâté is a delight!

Another quality product available at Albert Ménès is our Duck Rillettes from the southwest of France. This unique appeal of these rillettes is the origin of the meat used: it is made only using PGI-labelled duck meat. This makes for a delicious and aromatic recipe. It is made using the traditional method of slow-cooking the meat then seasoning with salt and pepper. A luxury version of traditional duck rillettes.

At Albert Ménès, our recipes are prepared in our Landes kitchens. Our chefs showcase the best regional producers have to offer and the taste of tradition by choosing only the finest quality products.


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