Discover our rich and varied range of over 50 spices to jazz up your everyday recipes.

Selected primarily for their depth of flavour, our spices are fresh, intense, aromatic and delicious. 

Our quality spices are chosen for their unique flavours: Albert Ménès works hard to offer you a variety of spices, all of an impeccable quality with something to suit all tastes. With a high curcumin concentration of about 3%, our turmeric is a perfect example of this freshness and intense taste.

The premium quality of Albert Ménès spices: after being very carefully selected, many of our spices are sorted a second time by hand in our French kitchens, such as our star anise, in order to retain only the most beautiful and regular shapes. Showcased in our iconic transparent jars, you can immediately enjoy the beautiful and natural colours of our spices.

Specific origins, meticulously chosen: our spices are carefully chosen and stand out for their quality of flavour. For example, our cinnamon sticks are sourced in Indonesia. Our sumac has the Fair-Trade Lebanon label and is farmed by the Qawzah cooperative in south Lebanon. This collaboration is another example of Albert Ménès’ commitment to small producers, in the aim of preserving valuable tradition and know-how.

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Our Commitments

Processed in France

Naturally-sourced spices, processed and packaged in our French kitchens

Excellence in flavour

We favour products with no artificial colours or preservatives

Origin and quality control

Deli products, grown and produced by small producer and small to medium sized companies on a human scale


A range inspired by the world of gastronomy regularly updated with new recipes