Give in to temptation with our jam collection. Our products are full of flavour, guaranteed to get you licking your lips. Our jams are crafted with passion by our master jam-makers in our kitchens in the South of France and the Paris region. The flavour of fresh fruit is a perfect way to liven up your sweet dishes and snacks.

Fig is a delicious fruit with pronounced flavours. As a jam, the fig takes on a more intense sweetness. On toast at breakfast time or as a starter with foie gras, fig jam can be enjoyed however you like! Our figs are of true French origin, harvested in Solliès-Pont in the region of Provence.

Albert Ménès has created an original recipe blending apricot and lavender. This subtle yet intense combination works wonderfully when added to quark.

Seedless raspberry jam is one of Albert Ménès’ exclusive products. This intensely flavoured fruit is well loved for its refined taste. Its smooth, seedless texture is made to be spread generously on toast or even enjoyed by the spoonful.

The house of Albert Ménès has come up with a mirabelle jam recipe packed with fine, indulgent flavours. The fruit is grown in the Lorraine region and have the PGI label (Protected Geographical Indication). This guarantees you a quality product with a great flavour that everyone will enjoy. Our Mirabelle de Lorraine jam is great for adding to yoghurt or quark.

The Albert Ménès range of jams has something for every sweet tooth.


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