• Spices


    Discover the diverse range of Albert Ménès spices, with more than 120 products selected from around the world.

    Spice Blends

    Perfectly season your dishes thanks to our spice blends, inspired by world cuisines, from India to North Africa.

    Aromatic Herbs

    Fragrant and delicious, Albert Ménès aromatic herbs are perfect for incorporating into your daily cooking.


    Mixed with truffle, celery or Espelette pepper, discover our exclusive, delicious blends for a mouthful of flavour.

    Peppercorns and Berries

    Our wide range of peppers selected for their taste and organoleptic qualities add a refined touch to your dishes.

    Mild Peppers and Paprikas

    From sweet paprika to the spiciest of peppers, Albert Ménès takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of hot spices.

    Organic Spices and Herbs

    Perfectly season your dishes with our range of organic spices and herbs.

    All Our Spices

    Browse the full collection of Albert Ménès quality spices

  • Fine Deli Range

    Gourmet Spreads and Olives

    Discover our olives, vegetable creams and seafood spreads inspired by contemporary cuisine, perfect for serving alongside pre-dinner drinks. 


    View our selection of traditional Albert Ménès pâtés, made from original recipes to offer you authentic flavours. 

    Rillettes and Pâtés

    From our Duck Rillettes to our Gascon Pâté, our recipes are made from quality ingredients, in our kitchens situated in the heart of the Landes region

    Savoury Biscuits

    Mix and match tastes and flavours with our Albert Ménès Savoury Biscuits, made with ingredients carefully selected by our chefs. 

    Seafood Products

    With a range including sardines, Brisling sardines, tuna, and cod livers, our products are carefully produced at our cannery in Brittany.

    Vegetable Preserves and Pickles

    Albert Ménès gives you all the best of France’s condiments and recipes, including baby corn, wild cranberries and Roman style artichoke hearts

    Exotic Condiments

    Albert Ménès invites you to discover the enchanting flavours of our exotic condiments


    A collection of sauces created by Albert Ménès, blending smoothness, flavour and originality to enhance your recipes in an instant.


    Our balsamic vinegars from Modena have been selected by Albert Ménès for their quality and all have the IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication).


    Discover our variety of Albert Ménès mustards, with original recipes blending smoothness and heat.

    Sweet Biscuits

    Step into the deliciously sweet world of Albert Ménès and check out our range of sweet biscuits, all made using traditional methods.

    Dried Fruit and Nuts

    For use in cooking or served alongside pre-dinner drinks, the Albert Ménès range of dried fruit and nuts offers you many possibilities.

    All Our Fine Deli Products

    Browse the full collection of Albert Ménès fine deli products

  • Jams and Honeys


    Deliciously prepared with passion by our master jam-makers in our French kitchens.


    Inspired by British recipes, our marmalades are made using traditional methods and carefully selected fruit.

    Fruit Jellies

    Our Albert Ménès jellies, made by us for the past several decades, liven up your sweet snacks with their subtle fruity flavours

    Organic Jams

    Made using fruit sourced from organic farms, our jams are certified organic.

    jelly albert menes


    Discover the range of Albert Ménès honeys, which are mostly of French origin and sustainably-sourced.

    Spreads & Creams

    With indulgent and exclusive creations, discover the range of Albert Ménès spreads and creams, all made without palm oil.

    All Our Jams and Honeys

    Browse the full collection of Albert Ménès quality jams and honeys

  • Cadeaux

    Gift Sets

    Looking for the perfect gift? Find some inspiration in our range of sweet and savoury culinary gift sets. 

    Sets & Kits

    A wide range of kits and sets showcasing our spices and fine deli products.

    Gift Boxes

    Small and large boxes to elegantly present your favourite products. 

    Our full gift selection

    Browse the full collection of Albert Ménès gifts

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Our Commitments

Processed in France

Naturally-sourced spices, processed and packaged in our French kitchens

Excellence in flavour

We favour products with no artificial colours or preservatives

Origin and quality control

Deli products, grown and produced by small producer and small to medium sized companies on a human scale


A range inspired by the world of gastronomy regularly updated with new recipes