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Organic Ground Ginger


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Ginger is known for helping digestion and for its anti-inflammatory properties. The 30 g Organic Ground Ginger by La Caravane des Épices is organically grown and certified under IFS and Ecocert standards. Packaged in France, this product is made entirely from natural ingredients. Ginger a world-famous spice. For thousands of years, it has been used in Asia as an aphrodisiac, a medicinal plant and a spice. It then became widely popular in France from the 14th century, becoming the second most used spice after pepper. In the Middle Ages, candied ginger became a highly valued sweet. Since then, it has been used in cooking for its unique, slightly sweet, refreshing and spicy taste. It is also an incredibly nutrient-rich ingredient. Organic ginger is a herbaceous plant that is grown from a rhizome. Providing it has the right growing conditions, a humid atmosphere and the warmth of the sun, it grows very fast. The rhizome of the ginger plant, dried and ground, is used to prepare this spice with its camphorated, lemony flavour.

Use ginger in cooking to make Asian or North African-inspired dishes (curry, tagines, tiger’s tears, sweet and savoury marinades). Add at the end of cooking to add a touch of brilliance to white meat, fish and sauces. Ground ginger is also used in a range of pastries, shortbread biscuits, jams, and chutneys. You can also mix a teaspoon of it with hot water, lemon and honey to reap all the benefits of this organic ginger powder.

INGREDIENTS: Ginger* *Organically Grown Product.


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