• Jams and Spreads

    Deliciously cooked up in our kitchens in Provence, our jams are made in copper cauldrons
  • Organic Jams

    Made from organically grown fruit, our jams are certified organic
  • Marmalades

    Our British-style artisanal marmalades are made in copper cauldrons
  • Spreads

    Explore the range of gourmet, exclusive spreads, made without palm oil by Albert Ménès
  • Low-Sugar Jams

    Reduced in sugar but intensely fruity, our low-sugar jams are prepared with care by our master jam-makers
  • Jellies and Confits

    Albert Ménès jellies and confits, produced according to a several-decade long tradition, bring subtle fruity notes to your sweet breaks
  • Honeys

    Golden, translucent or creamy, Albert Ménès honeys exude the subtle, natural scents of picked flowers
  • Minis

    Explore the range of mini jams and honeys by Albert Ménès
  • All Jams and Honeys

    Explore the full Albert Ménès range of artisanal jams and quality honeys