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Fig Chutney

Total net weight : 220 g

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A condiment made from spicy fruits or vegetables, chutney recipe, British specialty, was imported to India by the colonists. He inherited its original name, chatni, meaning "strong spices". Since then, the recipe has been softened to make way for a tasty mixture cooked in vinegar, sugar and spices until its consistency resembles that of jam. This recipe cooked in a copper cauldron in Provence uses noble ingredients: purple figs picked when ripe and apple cider vinegar. This variety of fig is known for its fragrant and not very juicy flesh, perfect as a base for recipes of jams, candies or chutneys. The recipe is enhanced by a tasty blend of spices: ginger, cumin, coriander, fennel, Espelette pepper, cardamom and cinnamon.

It goes wonderfully with foie gras from the terrine or simply pan-fried, a “Landaise Salad” and can be used like mustard to awaken meats, fish or goat cheese
Net weight :
220 g