Spice and Herb Blends

Mix for Tajine

Total net weight : 80 g

3,61 €

45,13 € / kg

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This sweet and fruity mix has been specially developed by Albert Ménès to spice up tagines or to enhance creamy sauces for vegetable dishes. This mix has no added flavourings, preservatives or other artificial additives. It is made up purely of spices designed to bring out the sweet flavours of a tagine, a dish which normally includes dates or almonds to give it a sweet and savoury taste.
The flavours in this spice mix are really brought out when added in the middle of the cooking process or just a few minutes before the dish is finished. When mixed with fresh cream, it can also be used to make an original and exotic dip which can be enjoyed with vegetables as a snack.
Net weight :
80 g
Gross weight :
230 g