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Organic Curry Paste with Ginger

Total net weight : 210 g

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24,33 € / kg

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This organic curry paste with ginger was created by Albert Ménès with organically grown products, with no colourings or preservatives. It is used diluted in oil or coconut milk to make a curry sauce or marinade. Used like mustard, it can also flavour a sauce. The fresh taste of ginger in this special Albert Ménès curry recipe will bring delicious flavours to your dishes.
The curry paste can be used in the same way as mustard. Try it to add flavour to vinaigrettes and mayonnaises, especially as an accompaniment to shrimps, raw vegetables or cold white meats. It can also be brushed on roasts or poultry before cooking. Gently warmed and diluted in crème fraîche or coconut milk, it makes an excellent sauce for grilled meats and fondues. The paste can also be used as a base for grill marinades.
Net weight :
210 g