Green Cardamom

Total net weight : 45 g

5,42 €

120,44 € / kg

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Used for digestion and slimming. Cardamom was already cultivated in the gardens of Babylon in the fourth century BC. The Egyptians chewed it to freshen their breath and whiten their teeth. Cardamom is picked with scissors before it matures to prevent the shell from cracking.
Green cardamom, with its lemon and camphor notes, is used in spice blends such as the famous Indian curry or garam masala. The Scandinavians season their cured meats with it, not to mention the famous aquavit. The edible seed must be removed from the pod for use in pastries. Cardamom can also be used whole to flavour rice during cooking.
Net weight :
45 g
Gross weight :
200 g