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Natural Whole Chestnuts

Total net weight : 210 g

5,80 €

27,62 € / kg

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Collected when ripe as soon as the burrs fall from the trees in early autumn, these delicious chestnuts are first peeled over a fire to remove their beautiful smooth reddish-brown, or “tan”, outer layer. They are then brushed in order to remove the thin, whitish skin that coats them to remove any bitterness. After this two-step preparation process, the chestnuts are carefully sorted by hand in order to discard any that are burnt or damaged and keep only the best product.
These peeled cooked peeled chestnuts are perfect for use in traditional, hearty recipes. They of course go great with turkey, but also with veal, pork, game, mushrooms, red cabbage or apples. If you want to get even more flavour from them, try adding a dash of Grand Marnier. Simply reheat these delicious rich chestnuts to release all of their flavours.
Net weight :
210 g
Gross weight :
350 g