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Pili-Pili Peppers

Total net weight : 22 g

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356,36 € / kg

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POWERFUL - STRENGTH 6. Pili-pili is an extremely hot pepper to be used sparingly or as an infusion. Introduced to the island of Cayenne in French Guiana in 1493, this chilli pepper is nicknamed "z'ozio" in Creole, leading to its French name of bird's tongue chilli pepper. It is used in the composition of all the spice blends in Caribbean and Réunion cuisine, which are particularly spicy. It is picked red when ripe and left to dry in the sun. Its heat comes essentially from the seeds within the fruit. Torrid, acrid and musky at the same time, it will spice up your dishes with its power and warmth.
This chilli pepper enhances Creole black pudding, Réunion’s famous rougail sausage and the famous West Indian colombo stews. We recommend opening the peppers and removing the seeds before use. Goes perfectly with oils, grilled sea bream, ribs
Net weight :
22 g
Gross weight :
175 g