French Auvergne Mountain Honey

Total net weight : 250 g

9,89 €

39,56 € / kg

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Minty and Amber Coloured Our mountain honey is harvested at high altitude from the mountains of Auvergne in France. It has strong fragrant minty and amber-scented notes. It has a designation which is regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture which requires the hives to be set up at high altitude (over 1000 meters high) and requires that the honey also be extracted in a specific local workshop in the mountains. The way in which this Auvergne Mountain honey is produced is therefore very artisanal. Honey is a natural product whose texture can change over time. This natural phenomenon, known as crystallisation, does not alter the quality of the honey.
It can be eaten on its own, spread on bread, or as a sweetener for yoghurt or quark.
Net weight :
250 g