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PDO Périgord Walnut Kernels

Total net weight : 125 g

7,02 €

56,16 € / kg

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Périgord seems to be one of the cradles of the walnut. Traces have been found in Cro-Magnon dwellings. Later, in the 10th century, walnuts were used as currency by Périgord’s inhabitants. These walnuts benefit from the Protected Designation of Origin label because they meet strict quality criteria. They come from the Franquette variety, and are supplied in halves. These superb kernels are still shelled by hand in the region where they grow.
Albert Ménès has selected the Franquette variety, which has a pronounced taste with a slight hint of hazelnut. Walnut kernels are a delicious gourmet snack at any time of day. Beautifully presented, they are perfect for making walnut tarts, mixed salads and dried fruit stuffed with marzipan.
Net weight :
125 g
Gross weight :
140 g