Black Sesame Seeds

Total net weight : 80 g

4,40 €

55,00 € / kg

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Appreciated for its crunchiness and subtle taste, sesame is increasingly used in cooking. Black sesame is actually a different variety from white sesame; its taste is more intense, more pronounced, and beautiful notes of hazelnut appear when tasted. It is also used in cooking for its strong colour and crunchiness.

Black sesame is widely used in Asian cuisine, particularly Japanese, but is also used in many baked goods. Like white sesame, black sesame can be used raw and cooked. It is perfect for use in fish marinades, sprinkled on salads or roasted vegetables, or added to grilled meats. You can also use it in baked goods such as bagels or homemade breads. In France, pastry chefs like to give character to certain desserts by adding black sesame (ice cream, crème brulée, panna cotta, mousse, etc.)
Net weight :
80 g
Gross weight :
222 g