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Non-Pareil Capers

Total net weight : 200 g

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29,95 € / kg

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The caper, which originated in the Orient, is a wild plant in the Capparidaceae family that grows in arid and sunny Mediterranean regions. It grows in the wild in the form of thorny bushes and can be cultivated in plains and mountains. Capers are neither fruits nor seeds; they are small flower buds, harvested before they open. These small condiments release vinegar aromas and a slightly sharp flavour. Albert Ménès capers benefit from the “non-pareil” name reserved for the smallest capers, with a diameter of 5-7 mm. These are followed by “surfine” capers, with a diameter of 7-8 mm, and “capucine” capers, with a diameter of 8-9 mm. Considered the best of all the varieties that exist, non-pareil capers have very pronounced aromas of fine vinegar, but also extremely delicate flavours and a pleasantly firm texture. Picked very young by hand, between June and August, the capers selected by Albert Ménès are particularly firm and fragrant.
These small non-pareil capers accompany many cooked dishes such as meat, fish, salads or pizzas and are an essential ingredient in the preparation of steak tartare.
Net weight :
200 g