Sweet Biscuits

Zwieback - Small Milk Toasts

Total net weight : 165 g

3,29 €

19,94 € / kg

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Zwieback is a small toast, thinly sliced and slightly sweet with notes of whole milk. Made according to a traditional recipe using wheat flour, Zwiebacks are baked twice to make them crispier and easier to digest.
Our Zwieback toasts are an ideal accompaniment to tea or coffee, lightly buttered and topped with jam or honey. They also serve as a base for savoury toast toppings, blending perfectly with salmon and taramasalata or ham and cheese. Swiss gourmets recommend tasty "hazelnut slices": the trick is to cover the Zwieback with a cream made with sweetened condensed milk and ground hazelnuts. Bake in the oven until browned.
Net weight :
165 g
Gross weight :
220 g