Spreads and Olives

Purple Gaeta Olives

Total net weight : 200 g

5,50 €

27,50 € / kg

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Gaeta is a city located a few kilometres south of Rome, on the Tyrrhenian coast. The region’s land and sunny climate make it the perfect place to grow the Itrana variety of olives. This juicy and fleshy olive, with its distinctive purple colour, is harvested late after it becomes ripe. This process is what guarantees its intense flavours.
They can be served as nibbles and as a garnish for meat or stewed fish dishes. These go perfectly with fresh pasta, fish and meat dishes and can be combined with capers and anchovies to enhance tomato-based sauces. Due to their strong taste, they are used a lot in cooking to flavour liquids or sauces, and are particularly useful when flavouring cooking water.
Net weight :
200 g