Aromatic Herbs

Bay Leaves

Total net weight : 2,5 g

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Since the dawn of time, bay laurel has been imbued with many powers: it was said to protect against lightning, witches and evil spirits. For the Romans and Greeks, who dedicated the plant to the god Apollo, laurel symbolised wisdom and victory. Bay laurel is one of the few aromatic herbs native to Europe. It has become part of the culinary heritage of many countries – it is an essential ingredient in Russian borscht, Scandinavian lageröl and Spanish paella. Albert Ménès whole bay leaves are sorted by hand, selecting only the best leaves to guarantee their undeniable quality.
Bay leaves, with their bitter-sweet flavour, are used in many southern dishes such as casseroles, soups, sauces, broths and marinades for fish or meat. They are essential when preparing terrines or stews.
Net weight :
2,5 g