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Finest Quality Apple Jelly

Total net weight : 280 g

4,24 €

15,14 € / kg

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Prepared with pure” Reinette de France” apple juice, an ancient variety very well known and widespread in the pre-orchards of Avesnois-Thiérache and in Belgium, this delicate jelly is cooked manually in a copper cauldron opened by our preserving jam makers thus the good sweet and pleasantly tart taste of the “Reinette de France” apple. “Reinette de France” apple jelly thus retains a supple and melting texture that will accompany your sweet and savory dishes and your daily pastries. Product awarded in the 2020 French General Agricultural Competition

It goes perfectly with faisselle fromage frais. This jelly is also commonly used with veal dishes and black pudding. It can also be used for a tart base.
Net weight :
280 g