Cinnamon Sticks

Total net weight : 20 g

3,98 €

199,00 € / kg

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Antioxidant, blood sugar stabiliser. From the Mediterranean to China, all the ancient civilisations knew and adopted this mysterious spice, derived from the bark of the cinnamon tree. Much appreciated in France in the Middle Ages, it later disappeared from culinary habits for several centuries. Albert Ménès cinnamon is of guaranteed Indonesian origin. Its superior quality lies in the perfect level of coumarin, which gives it a sweet, fragrant taste, and its beautiful light brown colour. The paler the colour of this spice, the better its quality; the cinnamon trees are regularly pruned to create regrowth, from which lighter, more fragrant sticks are harvested. The cinnamon stems are cut and sun-dried before being double sorted by hand. Albert Ménès places great importance on selecting the best quality, as well as the aesthetics of our products. Our whole, regular sticks measure about 6 cm.
Net weight :
20 g
Gross weight :
170 g