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Preserved Organic Basil

Total net weight : 90 g

4,59 €

51,00 € / kg

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Albert Ménès organic preserved basil is a product made in France, with no colourings or preservatives. Considered a sacred and magical plant in India, basil grew around temples. In Greece, legend has it that only the king could cut it, using a golden sickle. The word basil is actually derived from the Greek word “basilikos”, meaning royal. The princesses of Byzantium gave it this name for its beauty and its fragrance. In Egypt, it was used in funeral rites. Preservation with oil and salt retains all its aromas, meaning it can be used in any season.
This organic preserved basil is ideal for making a Provençal pistou or an Italian pesto. Easy to use, it replaces fresh basil in preparations such as ratatouille, gazpacho, pistou soup or just spread on thin slices of tomato accompanied by a drizzle of olive oil.
Net weight :
90 g
Gross weight :
170 g