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Pure Honey Gingerbread

Total net weight : 300 g

4,90 €

16,33 € / kg

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Made from fine ingredients such as rye flour and honey, this gingerbread is a delight at any time of day. The tasty recipe was specially developed for Albert Ménès. The production process sticks closely to the traditional recipe: the first operation involves kneading the rye flour with warm honey to form a coloured dough called the "mother dough". This dough is left to rest to rise and aerate for at least a month. Then it is kneaded again in a kneading trough with honey, spices and yeast. This is done quickly so that the dough does not get too warm. It is then poured into large rectangular moulds for baking. After cooling, the loaves are cut and ready to serve. This recipe is one of very few that use only honey as a sweetener, which is why it is described as "pure honey".
This delicious gingerbread is particularly appreciated with tea or as a children's snack. Lightly toasted, it goes perfectly with a partially cooked foie gras.
Net weight :
300 g
Gross weight :