Savoury Biscuits

Espelette Pepper Crisps

Total net weight : 115 g

2,90 €

25,22 € / kg

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It is in a human-sized workshop, located in the South of France, that the secret of the crispness and irresistible flavour of these crisps is held. First cleaned and then carefully peeled to remove all impurities, the potatoes are then delicately cut into fine petals. These sunny yellow petals are then cooked in a cauldron in the traditional, home-made way. It is at the end of cooking that these tasty chips are seasoned with a touch of Espelette chilli pepper certified A.O.P (Protected Designation of Origin), to add a fresh and spicy note to their good taste of crispy potatoes. Beautiful 100% natural chips, without colouring or preservatives!

Net weight :
115 g
Gross weight :
121 g