Savoury Biscuits

Mature Dutch Gouda Puff Pastry Crisps

Total net weight : 150 g

5,81 €

38,73 € / kg

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These pastry crisps are made with top-quality mature Gouda from Holland. This very hard cheese is first ground and then slowly blended into the other ingredients to produce a fine, creamy dough. The dough rests for a long time before being rolled out, folded and folded again, resting in between. This special touch, and respect for the artisanal process, give this biscuit its finesse, its crispness and its delicate flavour.
These appetisers are even more delicious when warmed in the oven for a few moments before serving. The characteristic taste of the mature Gouda is balanced by the finesse and crispness of the biscuit.
Net weight :
150 g
Gross weight :
200 g