Spreads and Olives

Organic Green Tapenade

Total net weight : 90 g

4,24 €

47,11 € / kg

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Albert Ménès organic green tapenade is made in Provence from green olives picked when just ripe. Its high olive content (81%) gives it an unparalleled aromatic intensity. The olives are carefully crushed to preserve the slightly crunchy texture of the green olive. The olive paste is then subtly enhanced with three ingredients: capers, a touch of garlic and a twist of the pepper mill. The freshness and quality of the olives, cut with the greatest care, ensure that all the distinctive green olive flavour is preserved.
Albert Ménès organic green tapenade proves itself a wonderful companion when preparing Mediterranean recipes: garnishing a fillet of perch, fresh goat’s cheese filo parcels, the bottom of a thin tomato tart or just spread on a slice of toast.
Net weight :
90 g
Gross weight :
208 g