Peppercorns and Berries

Pink Peppercorns

Total net weight : 35 g

8,50 €

242,86 € / kg

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FLORAL - STRENGTH 1 - NEUTRAL Pink peppercorns are a long forgotten ingredient which were originally rediscovered in Réunion Island in the 20th century, where they are grown in the wild. Originally from South America, this peppercorn owes its success to its slightly sweet taste and bright colour. It is a great ingredient to liven up dishes and sauces. Also known as "pink pepper", this particularly fragrant peppercorn makes us think of sweeties. The flavour of the pink peppercorns is released when these peppercorns are crushed.
These pink peppercorns by Albert Ménès benefit from the best climatic conditions so their sweet taste can be developed without too much bitterness. Their fruity aroma traditionally goes well with fish, but they can also be used in soups and sorbets. Goes perfectly with raw fish, salads, and exotic fruits
Net weight :
35 g
Gross weight :
185 g