Peppercorns and Berries

Ground White Pepper

Total net weight : 80 g

6,33 €

79,13 € / kg

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SPICY - STRENGTH 3 - STRONG Pepper grows along climbing vines in clusters. White pepper is made by harvesting the peppercorns when they are fully ripened with a dark red colour. They are then placed in a salt water bath. The softened skin is then removed by hand and only the creamy-white seed remains. Piperine, the substance that gives the pepper its spicy taste, can be found in the skin of the seed, while the scent and flavours are found inside the seed. White pepper has a more delicate and slightly less spicy taste than black pepper. White pepper has a powerful, wild and woody aroma, with lovely lemony notes that give it a slightly fresh scent. When ground, the citrusy notes are more pronounced compared to when the pepper is in its seed form. The aroma is rounded and subtle on the palate, with a woody, coriander taste. Next, the powerful spiciness comes through.
This pepper is very finely ground so that it can be easily used in everyday cooking. Goes perfectly with béchamel sauce, cooked and steamed vegetables, vegetable purées, and fish
Net weight :
80 g
Gross weight :
240 g