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Organic Ground Nutmeg

Total net weight : 30 g

4,59 €

153,00 € / kg

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The 30 g Organic Ground Nutmeg by La Caravane des Épices is organically grown and certified under IFS and Ecocert standards. Packaged in France, this product is made entirely from natural ingredients. Originally from the Maluku Islands in Indonesia, also known as the Spice Islands, nutmeg was introduced to Europe by the Arabs in the 16th century and is now considered one of the most valuable spices in the world. Used in many spice blends (curry, ras el hanout etc.) as well as in French gastronomy, its powerful perfume is highly appreciated. When the fruits of the nutmeg tree reach maturity, they release their stones, which must be broken open to extract the seed: the nutmeg. It can be sold whole or ground. Mace, the coating of the nutmeg seed, is also increasingly used and appreciated in cooking.
It gives white sauces a warm, woody flavour. It enhances cheese soufflés, quiches or vegetable soups with its spicy bergamot notes and lemony flavour. Ground nutmeg is also used in many winter desserts and spice blends.
Net weight :
30 g
Gross weight :
147 g