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Organic Garlic

Total net weight : 50 g

2,65 €

53,00 € / kg

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Known for its cholesterol-reducing and antimicrobial properties, our 50 g Organic Garlic Granules by La Caravane des Épices is organically grown and certified under IFS and Ecocert standards. Packaged in France, this product is made entirely from natural ingredients. Garlic is an age-old ingredient that has always been known for its healing properties. Garlic is said have grown in one of the footprints left by the devil's feet when he left the Garden of Eden. These Organic Garlic Granules by La Caravane des Épices have been selected for their flavour and character. They are a great way to enhance your dishes.
These easy-to-use garlic granules are perfect for making vinaigrettes or Provençal specialities such as brandade, ratatouille and aioli. Fried in a knob of butter with parsley, it is ideal for cooking mushrooms.
Net weight :
50 g
Gross weight :
220 g