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Extra Seedless Blackberry Jam

Total net weight : 280 g

5,20 €

18,57 € / kg

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Our seedless blackberry jam is made in our kitchens near Nice from a puree of different varieties of blackberries which have been chosen for their strong flavours. The blackberries, whose botanical name is Rubus Fruticosus, are picked when fully ripe and are first de-seeded, strained and then cooked by hand by our master jam makers using a copper cauldron pot. The smooth texture of this jam makes it a real pleasure to eat. Our artisanal know-how and traditional House of Albert Ménès recipe are brought together to create a delicious gourmet creation.
Our seedless blackberry jam is perfect spread on toast, melba toast or pancakes for breakfast or for a snack. Our seedless blackberry jam is more than just a jam; it’s a true delicacy than can be eaten and enjoyed by the spoonful. It can also be used in baking for a tart base or filling.
Net weight :
280 g