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Total net weight : 90 g

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38,89 € / kg

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The German word Meerrettich for horseradish literally means "more radish", indicating how much stronger horseradish is than pink radish. Originally from Eastern Europe, horseradish is grown throughout Europe and the United States, where it has been much appreciated since the 18th century. The plant’s height varies between 40 and 80 centimetres. Tradition dictates that horseradish should only be harvested in months with an R in their name to prevent it from becoming bitter.
Traditionally, horseradish accompanies stews. But it can also work wonders with smoked fish, cold meats or fondues or spice up sauces (remoulade, mayonnaise) or even mashed potatoes. It is also delicious with sauerkraut. Keep refrigerated after opening.
Net weight :
90 g
Gross weight :
200 g