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Organic Red Pepper Cream

Total net weight : 95 g

4,05 €

42,63 € / kg

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This Albert Ménès cream is made in Provence from roasted organic red peppers. The peppers are harvested when ripe and carefully peeled. They are then gently mixed with crème fraîche and a few hazelnuts to produce a light, airy cream. The originality of this pepper cream lies in the rounded, woody flavour of hazelnut, which goes perfectly with the pepper's touch of acidity. A tasty, delicate cream, enlivened with a hint of black pepper for an appetiser with an incomparable taste!
In the Spanish tapas tradition, this cream is spread on bread and served with cheese or ham. Dissolved in a little cream, it becomes a sauce for pasta. A surprising addition to vinaigrettes. It can also bring a touch of originality to plate decoration.
Net weight :
95 g
Gross weight :
213 g