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Lemon Curd

Total net weight : 280 g

4,96 €

17,71 € / kg

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An English speciality, this delicious Albert Ménès lemon curd is cooked by hand in an open copper pot, using an authentic recipe. This gives it an incredibly smooth texture and an intense lemon flavour that makes it a delight to use, as a spread or in baking. It reveals all the tangy flavours of lemon thanks to its high juice content and its finely chopped fresh lemon zest
Use this Albert Ménès lemon curd to make lemon tarts, stuff macaroons and pastries or garnish a cheesecake. You can also spread it on pancakes, scones or our all-butter raisin toasts. Or just enjoy it by the spoonful, like a spread.
Net weight :
280 g
Gross weight :
440 g