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Organic Dried Tomato Cream

Total net weight : 100 g

4,27 €

42,70 € / kg

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This Albert Ménès cream is made from organically grown tomatoes selected for their sweet, fragrant flesh. After harvesting, the tomatoes are delicately dried to concentrate all their aromas. Ground to a paste and enhanced with basil, herbs and extra virgin olive oil, they are simmered as long as possible to obtain the perfect smoothness. The slow, gentle cooking of this recipe preserves the unique, delicate taste of dried tomatoes. A touch of sunshine for your pre-dinner nibbles!
Albert Ménès organic dried tomato cream is perfect for spreading on toast as an appetiser. Spread on croutons or fresh bread, it can also be used as a sauce, diluted in a little cream, or as a condiment to season white meats or brush on fish fillet parcels.
Net weight :
100 g
Gross weight :
218 g