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Pink Salt with Espelette Pepper Mill

Total net weight : 90 g

3,97 €

44,11 € / kg

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The Espelette chilli pepper used to flavour this pink salt by Albert Ménès is an exceptional chilli pepper that meets the quality requirements defined its Protected Designation of Origin specifications. Grown in the heart of the Basque Country, each pepper is chosen and picked by hand. They are then dried in the sun for around two weeks before being slowly cooked in the oven to preserve all their flavours. The rare pureness and crunchiness of the Himalayan salt allows the mild spiciness and fruity flavour of the Espelette pepper to fully develop when ground. The dryness of the salt preserves the flavours of the chilli pepper without losing any of its taste.
This seasoning salt can be used as an everyday ingredient when cooking. Use this spice mill at the end of the cooking process to add some originality and flavour to a vegetable purée, risotto, fried potatoes, baked vegetables, grilled meat or poultry. It’s also a great way to spice up your egg dishes, however you like them: scrambled, fried or even in an omelette. A great way to flavour your sauces or mayonnaises. It is also famously used to season avocado toast or quark.
Net weight :
90 g
Gross weight :
140 g