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Vanilla Chestnut Cream

Total net weight : 280 g

7,10 €

25,36 € / kg

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Albert Ménès vanilla chestnut cream is made from AOC Ardèche chestnuts, selected for their designation of origin and their unique and exceptional flavour. Mixed with a touch of vanilla, they are cooked by hand in an open copper pot by our master jam makers. Their artisanal skills and the authentic recipe guarantee a sweet and tasty creation. Awarded a medal at the 2019 Concours Général Agricole.
Albert Ménès chestnut cream can be enjoyed on its own by the spoonful, or as an accompaniment to desserts. It is used in the preparation of many winter recipes, such as Yule logs, chestnut tiramisu and Mont Aigoual (scoops of vanilla ice cream coated with chestnut cream). This dessert is actually a tribute to the mountain in the Cévennes that dominates the many chestnut groves in this French region.
Net weight :
280 g