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Provence Spice Kit

Total net weight : 100 g

12,00 €

120,00 € / kg

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Our Provence Spice Kit contains:

- Lemon Peel by Albert Ménès, unique to the market. After being harvested from sunny Spain, the lemons are crushed, lightly grated and then dried.

- Herbes de Provence by Albert Ménès, made up of a blend of fragrant herbs typical of the Mediterranean region: oregano, rosemary, thyme and basil.

- Thyme by Albert Ménès, a perennial plant with small pink flowers grown in scrublands. Believed by the Greeks to improve brain activity, it was often depicted being collected by bees on medieval embroidery. All this comes with a beautiful clear bag with customised Albert Ménès print straps

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Net weight :
100 g
Gross weight :
542 g