Terrines and Rillettes

Free-Range Landes Duck Rillettes

Total net weight : 180 g

6,50 €

36,11 € / kg

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The first recipe for rillettes is thought to date from the 15th century. Originally designed to preserve pork, this recipe was made with equal proportions of fat and lean meat, with salt and pepper as the only seasoning. The meats were heated until the fibres broke down and the fat was the only binding agent. This breakdown of the fibres explains the unique texture of the rillettes. Albert Ménès offers a “top-of-the-range” version of this recipe – pure duck rillettes made exclusively from certified free-range Landes duck meat. The meat is slow-cooked in its fat and perfectly seasoned with Guérande salt.
Serve as a starter or on slices of lightly toasted bread. For an original appetiser, bake in the oven and garnish with beautiful French ceps.
Net weight :
180 g